Our Club

We are a successful, social club with a very active membership and a strong supporter base. We currently have approximately 90 members across 7 grades from Under 14’s to Seniors. We are the reigning premiers in Men’s A-Grade and grand finalists in Men’s A-Reserve.

Our hockey club believe that grass-roots sport provides physical activity, mentoring, friendship and a sense of belonging, all of which are an essential part of creating a healthier, more sustainable community.

Over the past three years, Casuals-Swans have worked to partner with local businesses in order to provide heavily discounted fees to our junior players.

Our History

Swans Hockey Club

Swans Women’s Hockey Club was first formed in 1978. Members of the inaugural team included Sylvia Noble, Helen McNeair, Marilyn Smyth and Stella and Helen Jupp who went on to become Life Members of the club. In the early years, many of the ladies had young children, so training would be held during the day and the kids would tag along.

Through the mid-1980’s, the club consisted of a Women’s A-Grade side and two Women’s A-Reserve teams. For several years there was a Swans Men’s A-Grade and Reserves side before they folded. All games were played on grass in those days and fees were $10 for the season.

Swans women continued with three teams until 1994 when seven A-Grade players retired, and with no-one to fill their shoes, the club was forced to drop back to only a Reserves side. After eight years of developing juniors, and ten years without an A-Grade side, Swans took up the challenge and re-entered a team in the A-Grade competition.

Swans Hockey Club

In 1987 a group of A-Grade hockey players decided that they had had enough of training and fundraising. They formed a new team and, originally aligned with Yacht Club, the team became know as Yacht Club Casuals.

Seven years later, the hockey development officer, Ross Barron formed a new A-Grade men’s team with established senior players such as Graham Fitzgerald, Steve Cramer and Peter Harris, backed by talented juniors in Brad Delane, Rob Creek and Graham Foster.

Realising the need for the team to have playing depth, the new team joined with the Yacht Club Casuals A-Reserve team and Casuals become a hockey club in their own right.

Casuals-Swans Hockey Club

In 2007 Casuals Hockey Club and Swans Hockey Club merged to become Casuals-Swans Hockey Club (Inc.) The merger was important for both sides as it provided a larger, stronger membership base and a new vision for both clubs moving forward.

Casuals have gone on to become one of the most successful A-Grade teams, boasting six Men’s A-Grade Premierships, most recently winning the past three titles in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Two members of Swans have been named as the Association’s Fairest and Best with Darryle Mazzuchelli winning the award in 1982 and 1983 as Darryle Jupp, and again in 1991. Most recently Jenna Jose took out the award in 2013.

Notably, Brad Delane, a member of the inaugural 1993 A-Grade side has gone on to play over 400 A-Grade games and become the highest goal-scorer in the Association’s history.

Brad Delane – Highest goal-scorer in Geraldton Hockey Association’s history.